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    This seems quite interesting.

    Before anything, I think it would be better if we shared the songs, so here it is.

    Username: Twiddle

    Game: Pokémon Diamond

    Song: Blinding / Florence & The Machine / (her genre is Indie Rock/Indie Pop, so I'll list it as Pop)

    1. Togekiss
    2. Ninetales
    3. Gardevoir
    4. Manectric
    5. Spiritomb
    6. Froslass


    1. I picked Togekiss since it was not only a Flying Pokémon, but also a symbol of peace, which defines Florence & The Machine in pretty much everything.

    2. I seriously wanted Cresselia to be the representation of Florence, but as legendary pokémon aren't allowed, Ninetales is my pick for the representation of the Lead Singer, since Florence Welch has that strong part of her music while still being quite ominous. And she reminds me of orange things.

    3. "Felt it in my fist, in my feet, in the hollows of my eyelids
    Shaking through my skull, through my spine and down through my ribs"
    I picked Gardevoir, since Ralts is the Feeling Pokémon. As those two verses talk about physical feelings that turn into emotional ones, I think it fits.

    4. "And I could hear the thunder and see the lightning crack
    All around the world was waking, I never could go back"
    An electric pokémon would match these verses, and as such, I picked Manectric.

    5. "No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone"
    Spiritomb is the Sealed Pokémon, which means it undoes death. Plus, he's a Ghost/Dark pokémon, so he's the fifth member of the team.

    6. " No more dreaming like a girl, so in love, so in love
    No more dreaming like a girl, so in love, so in love
    No more dreaming like a girl, so in love with the wrong world"
    I had to pick an only-female pokémon that would represent love and another dimension. As such, I picked Froslass.

    I'll have to hack to get every single one of them, and because of that I'll catch them right at the beginning.

    Also, I suggest you add Alternative Rock, Indie and Soul as genres.
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