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    Worst? My whole time I played FireRed. I was very young, and had no way of getting onto the internet, so I didn't know what a shiny was.

    Anyway, I started it out, normal game. I was like, "Hmm, what starter.. lets choose this water turtle thing." It was shiny. I kid you not. My first ever pokemon was a shiny, and you know what I did? Restarted the game. I thought it was a glitch, and I said something like: "Dude, stars? What the heck.." So I reset my game and chose a Charmander. I played a bit, and got to Viridian Forest, and a Weedle poisoned me. It was also shiny. I was mad that it poisoned me, so I ran. I ran into a few others I can't remember well.

    This is pretty much why I became a shiny hunter. I don't want my stupidness to run away from another shiny again.
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