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    I would wake up because a random riolu licked my face. Then I would say "Holy miltank? Is that a...r-riolu??" I would pat it on the head to see if it was real, and then I would say "Oh my Arceus...I-it is..." I would also realize i'm in Snowpoint city because it was snowing. Next, I'd get up, look around, get used to it but still be excited, and go to the Pokecenter. Then I would talk to nurse Joy and be really excited "Oh my gosh, Hello nurse Joy!". Later I would get a house in Snowpoint city, and befriend alot of Pokemon! I would be best friends with the Riolu and go exploring with it, meet a Sneasel, and a Buizel...We would all be the best of friends. Of course I would want another person to travel with me. I guess I would travel with Brock or Dawn. I dunno. I would probably Travel to Hearthome city often to participate in contests, collect badges and have lots of fun!
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