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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Actually, JPAN's engine removes that part completely, you can see this because the player faces up at the beginning of a regular FR ROM whereas they face down in a patched version. The reason behind this is because the direction the player faces is determined by a level script in the player's room which is only activated when they first enter/ spawn there. But since all scripts are cleared in the patch it was replaced with 0xFF bytes, leading to the error encountered.

Anyway, this is a pretty helpful/ simple tutorial to get around the problems associated with SMCA and its even better now that people will be able to know at a glance how to change that elusive Y-coordinate
So, I decided to check this out and found that the level script type for the way the player is facing is a "Validates Values... [4]". Is it possible that I could have this level script and a level script of the "[2] Validates Values" at the same time so the player is facing a certain way and have another level script activate at the same time?
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