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    Originally Posted by theIVmaster View Post
    I would like to trade for your:
    Shiny riolu
    Evenr manaphy
    Shiny treecko

    I am offering shiny ev trained lugia,charizard
    I have many legends also .
    Any legend you've caught yourself would be awesome. I can clone it and give you back a copy too

    Originally Posted by MightyHeracross View Post
    You would be a life saver if you could. What would it "cost" me? My soul silver poked is pretty complete, so it wouldn't be hard for me to get you a pokemon you wanted. Also, if it would be easier, you could either PM me or email me.
    What do you want me to train for you? The "cost" would be... How about some dex fillers? I need some of those
    I love battling (though i'm no good) and Shiny hunting.

    File Trade: Yes!
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