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    Oops, I cped straight from notepad. Format should be fixed. Sample from the only other rp I'm in, if it doesn't work I can whip up something later.

    Name: Emile Horatio Boneparte

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Emile is 5'7, long legs and spindley arms. His hair is a light brown ratnest of tangles. It reaches his chin ands seems to have a life of its own, refusing any attempts to be tamed. He has deepset mikly blue eyes that give the impression of blindness.Emile has a wide mouth and a face perfect for a whole host of expressions.

    Emile is always a shade of cherry pink or honey tan. His fair skin burns at the drop of a hat. His shoulders are heavily freckled from being severely sunburned one time when he was a child.He runs around half dressed like a heathen . He wears a baggy pair of faded brown carpenter pants that drag the ground and hide his perpetually bare feet. The wiry muscles of his chest and arms are bared for the world to see.

    When he has to put on a shirt, he wears a simple red tee. For cold weather he has an old thick honey coloured jacket that he filched from his father's closet. It engulfs him when he wears it, reaching down to his knees, sleeves running past his hands.He carries a light brown leather backpack that belonged to his brother.

    Personality: Emile's inhuman climbing ability and balance make him a human Aipom. If an object is high off the ground you can garrentee that Emile will be climbing, swinging on or lounging on it.He loves excitement and is always looking for adventure.

    Emile is very touchy feely. He pokes, prods, picks up just about everything. He will fiddle with and start to take apart things if no one is keeping an eye on him. He sticks just about anything in his mouth. He chews on things and carries stuff in his mouth. He also likes to balance stuff on his head.He is also touchy feely with people too. He is very physical with his affection. He has no concept, or rather ignores, personal space. He will grab hugs, sprawl across a person's lap. He also likes to rough house/tumble.

    Emile is generally cheery and easy going. He can have a drag out fight and go back to being friends almost immediately. Well, if he likes you. If he doesn't, everything you do is wrong. It can take a lot for him to begin to like a person he was set against. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and has a hidden vindictiveness a mile wide.

    Emile’s father, Louis, was a ferry boat captain. He met Cassandra on a slow day, she was his only customer on the long trip to Dewford. They hit it off fast and she started to frequent his ferry often. After two years of this slightly unusual courtship, Louis proposed to Cassandra.They married shortly after. Louis took Cassandra’s sir name, Boneparte. He used her family’s capital and affluence to build a flourishing ferry service.Not all approved of this marriage. High society did not like this ruffian snatching up one of their prized. Many mocked him for his rough ways and social faux paus.

    He and Cassandra had to lovely boys. Collin and Emile. Collin is roughly ten years older than Emile at 25.Louis, determined not to let his children be mocked like he was, decided to mold them into gentlemen. This has cause much friction between him and Emile. Louis is always asking why he can’t be like his brother. Collin was the perfect child; polite, charming and smart. He was nothing like his wild, rebellious baby brother.

    Collin works as a pediatrician in Black city, Unova. He has a lovely firecracker of a fiance named Susan. Yes, the perfect child grown into a model of a man.Despite the overshadowing and constant comparisons, Emile and Collin have a close relationship. Collin even convince their father to let Emile start his pokemon journey.

    Emile did not have many friends growing up.Schooled by private tutors, he didn’t have the chance to meet many his age. Emile did not let that dampen his spirts. He often ran off into forest that surround his home outside of Slateport city. There he would play and go on what he called “adventures”. Over the years he made friends with the local pokemon.His parents were not around very much. His mother often accompanying Louis on his many business trips, leaving Emile in the of Hal the house keeper.

    Emile is of the age to attend the Goodfellas Prepatorium that resides on a small island off of Sinnoh. Collin went there and Louis wants Emile to go there and make something of himself instead of mucking around with all this pokemon nonsense. He was finally able to start his pokemon journey when Collin managed to convince their father to let him. Louis agreed mainly because he believes that Emile with give up before the year is through. Emile hitched a ride with his father to Newbark town, his father having a meeting with the Jhoto branch in Goldenrod city.

    Starter Selection:
    Charmander♂ (Level 5)
    Modest Nature
    Scratch, Growl
    Egg move: Dragon Pulse

    RP Sample: From Fargona: The Land of Dragons
    Alistar landed softly on the roof of the castle, Cecil landing a few feet away with nary a sound. The castle would be hard to get into, as it should be. This was no mere nobleman's house, Honim had been far less secure. Alistar walked over to the edge of the roof and swung himself over. His only chance would be a boarded over window in what was most likely an unused part of the castle.

    He began his long trek downwards, carefully choosing his path. His light blue shirt and brown pants billowed in the the slight wind. He was halfway to his goal when he was met with sound of grating and then rushing air. Alistar let out a slight yelp as the brick he was holding slid out of the wall.

    Frantically looking for a way to save himself, Alistar spied a barred window rapidly approaching. He quickly seized a bar, almost wrenching his right shoulder out of socket. Breathing a sigh of relief, he wrapped his other hand around the bars and pulled himself up to look inside; only to come face to face with a young brown haired man.

    I originally wanted Chimchar because he's cute but settled with Charmander after a rush of nostalgia.
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