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    Fine guys, I'm gonna sustain some order here.

    The Team (as of the time I posted this) :

    ★Acecaldwell01 (Ace) : Leader, All-around
    ★JNathan : Storyline
    ★Pepster98 : Mapper, Storyline, Minor in Music, Graphics
    ★Windjungj : Storyline
    ★Fenne-kun : Music, Storyline (Offline for a while)
    ★Nintendork15 (Varion) : Graphics, OW inserting (Offline for a while)
    ★Ride The Yoshi : Mapper
    ★Incisor : Mapping, Scripting
    ★Blazikenboy (VPZeek) : Scripting, Trainer Spriting
    ★★Hoenn★ (Hoenn) : Co-leader, Sprite Inserter, Spriter

    Ride The Yoshi, please make it tropical.

    The Storyline

    This is controversial. I would like to respect Fenne-kun's first original idea, so I'm calling a vote. You all should say if you want his story or not, since this is democracy. Then we'll decide.

    What you guys should work on:

    Until Ace comes back, mind you I'm not gonna let us be chaos.

    ★JNathan : You are to be waiting until the vote is finished. Until then, make up the names of the towns, names of the characters, Gyms and Gym Leasders, etc.

    ★Pepster98 : Yes, make your concept maps.

    ★Ride The Yoshi : PM me your maps after making them.

    ★Incisor : You, also, should wait.

    ★VPZeek : You are to try making some trainer sprites for hero etc. on courtesy of Page 2. That has Ace's trainers.

    ★As of myself, I too will wait for the concept maps and vote.

    Hope that sorted things out!