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    In our ever-changing society, there's always been the need for an education for our lives in order to find an occupation that we can do. However, with a lot of those low-education jobs being outsourced to foreign countries (which will be discussed in a later thread, either by me or someone else,) one must look towards more advanced education that's found in college & universities.

    Frankly, with a lot of the jobs requiring these advanced educations, a High School Diploma will eventually become as much use as a snot rag or a piece of toiletry, no thanks to this said job outsourcing. Adding insult to injury, college & university educations are becoming more & more expensive, & because of that, if someone wants to partake in this endeavor, they'll need to take in some hefty loans. If they fail their courses, it leaves them with a debt that they may never be able to repay. Eventually, it'll boil down to this: Succeed in college or university, or kill yourself trying.

    So, what are your thoughts on the importance of these advanced educations in the future? Will it become the scenario that I've depicted? Or is it actually going to be at the point that college can be affordable for anyone? Please share your thoughts.
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