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A degree is important, but also not particularly useful depending on how you approach it. While still in high school, before moving on to university or college, you should give a serious and hard look at what you want to do with your working life.

Not just a passing "oh, I want to be an XYZ". Do some research. What kind of jobs are out there currently for that degree you're interested in? What's the pay like? Benefits? Improvement? Most important, think long term. Will jobs that require this degree actually be in demand come 3-6 years from now once I've graduated? Is your demographic in demand for that field? Will that job even exist a few years from now?

Really think it through. Because it is expensive and you don't want to come out of this later, following all the time and money put into higher education and additional specializations only to find out that no one is hiring for you and now you can't pay off the debt you've accumulated.

Don't go to school for the sake of having a degree. Because, you know what? It's not just the high school diploma that everyone has and is worthless now. It's the bachelor's degree too. Everyone has one. It is a commodity. Like a toaster. Really, within the next decade, the Masters will be the new Bachelors degree. You're going to need it to differentiate yourself from the crowd. You need to specialize and find an active field. If you're going to school as an English major for the degree and not even thinking about being a writer or a journalist or something, then you're going nowhere. Just setting yourself up for lot of debt.

And speaking of debt, if you don't really need to travel and/or live in residence, then don't.

And, really... nothing wrong with going to a trades school either. Really, that's probably a pretty smart thing to do. Society tends to look down on plumbers, contractors, handy-people, etc. But, they're skilled and they make good money.
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