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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    Woosh back from vacation so shop is open again! Hurrah!Rapidash is cool so I'm interested in that, and the Haxorus although gettable for myself in B2W2 (just haven't bothered yet) sounds good too. Not too interested in a better shiny dratini, I'm afraid. DW females I'd be interested in are the Pachirisu and Kingler.
    Decent is subjective, haha... Mostly just mean pokes that don't have poor stats all round or the like.

    To clarify though; do you just want the event entei/raikou shinys?
    well I'd like raikou kinda just asked for entei because I seen it there and it looked kinda cool
    I also would be interested in an outstanding or relatively superior dw dratini(either gender as I have a female :L) and ferroseed,vulpix,poliwag

    just an update of my dwf's:
    Dratini,carvanha,eevee,magikarp,poliwag,golduck,corsola,pelipper,foongus,marill,pachirisu,drifloon,munna,riolu the last two are in their drea balls,I accidentally traded away my last female kingler I have a jolly male if your interested but I doubt it

    shiny update:
    haxorus,rapidash,umbreon,Metagross,tyranitar and lugia

    oh also forgot to mention to have a look in my shop if you see anything you like let me know
    white 2 0820 3759 9704
    HEY YOU!! Check out my shop -->
    pokedex complete!! shiny charm obtained thank you Zerrah for the final piece
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