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Originally Posted by iTeruri View Post
The Fame Checker.

With the focus on story in Black (2) & White(2) I think something like the Fame Checker could see a return. It could track several characters you meet throughout the story and keep track of the changes they go through.

A non-Gen V example could be Silver, your rival in G/S. The Fame Checker could start out by saying it's a dodgy character that stole Professor Elms Pokémon. Later on it could note that he owns a Crobat, signifying that he grew friendly to his Pokémon.
Yes, it would completely destroy any subtlety in the games when it comes to the story, but I also think it could be quite interesting.

For those who’ve read Mort by Terry Pratchett, it could be like the autobiographies.
I never really got into the fame checker but that sounds kind of awesome to have, and see how everyone changes throughout the game when characters are becoming increasingly more important as more games are released, from what I've noticed.

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