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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Well imagine if it had slightly lesser defensive stats, than give it evolite... a wall to beat all walls, now if only it's hp were better... A evolution to Shuckle maybe...
Also I want evolutions to Shedinja and Ninjask (Shedinja's HP can turn into Ninjask's base HP, as well as a faster, stronger bug that would drag pokémon to the abyss!). A Nincada line fan can dream.
It'd probably still suck/make it complete set-up bait, really. Shuckle is pretty much set up bait as it is iirc, I'm not sure an evo would make it that much better. D: If it's offenses were better than maybe, but that would be overkill as that wouldn't be the Shuckle line's purpose anyway.

And well, I feel that Nincada pretty much had enough Pokemon added to it's line, seeing as evolving into Ninjask pretty much also splits it into Shedinja. That, and Ninjask is already one of the fastest Pokemon ever, and given a good swords dance, x-scissor can hurt like hell. That and it's pretty annoying with Baton Pass, so yeah, an evolution would make that whole line annoying as absolute heck. XD

A Shedinja evo would be interesting though! n_n Definitely curious about that one.

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