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    This thing that has been repeatedly mentioned:

    “A new battle mechanism in which Pokémon become stronger by having their bonds deepened with the player”.
    Perhaps our deep understanding of our pokemon has to do with potential bonds that we share with them. But look, I'm just concerned: do trainers really need to speak with pokemon like N to fully understand them? That can be one way out of many, imo. For instance, trainers express their bonds with their pokemon through working with their pokemon, like battling or contest battling. Plus, can trainers ever truly understand their own pokemon? There's just so many mysteries surrounding then, I just found it hard for them to do. Not that trainers necessarily need to fully understand their pokemon to be friends with them in the first place.

    Well, you can say I'm sort of indifferent with this concept; it's a nice idea, like, maybe it can a cool way to interact with our pokemon, but is it the only thing needed to fully understand pokemon?

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