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Well, you can say I'm sort of indifferent with this concept; it's a nice idea, like, maybe it can a cool way to interact with our pokemon, but is it the only thing needed to fully understand pokemon?
I mean, I'm sort of confused as well. Not to turn this whole thread into an N discussion really, but(correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't gotten too in-depth with 5th gen's storyline in a long time) didn't N like live his childhood around Pokemon and all of that? I mean, is it really a gift, a talent or some sort that he has, or maybe he just utilizes some sort of psychological method to translate what they're saying? Like, a Pokemon's facial expression, the tone of their cries, things of that nature. Though that being said, it's debatable because other trainers tend to forge deep relationships with their Pokemon as well, and could understand them just as well as N.

I suppose I always thought that, throughout a certain Pokemon's actions/cries, N could basically translate them to human language or something like that, or read their minds somehow(far fetched, but not necessarily impossible). I'm somehow hoping that in this game that our main character somehow gains that ability throughout battling, if that's what the quoted feature is implying here.

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