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    Where was everyone, I was still in this room of darkness avoiding Maxie and his co. I ran around the place and finally found an airvent which I could hear voices coming from I jumped up into it and followed the voices. I eventually reached another vent, I looked down and saw Archie! He was holding Shaymin captive in something although more voices were coming further on. I decided to ignore the other voices and get Shaymin back.

    I moved the vent out of the way and had Gengar come out. I had Gengar turn invisible float down and posses Archie. Gengar threw Archie around the room viciously bashing him against everything he could, I then had Gengar pull Archie up to the Vent. I saw a key on a necklace around Archie's neck. I ripped it off him and had Gengar thrash him around some more. Eventually Gengar left Archie's body and Archie fell to the ground unconcious. I jumped down saw Shadow and Torrent were both there, I threw them the key and had Gengar take me back up into the vent to continue chasing Maxie and co. I shut the vent behind me and had Houndoom burn it shut...

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