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    Moon Rise Evolution

    As the team continued their struggle, the Beedrill assault seemed to let up as the bugs retreated into the trees and make an attempt to muster more numbers. The Ryherion carried Xavier out of the hole. As if stood up, the yellow stone glown once more, forcing the pokemons body to turn to stone and vansih into dust. in place of the dust was an egg with the yellow stone embedded into its shell. Perking his curiosity on what had happened, he had no time to think or react. He picks up the egg and stores it into his sack as he hears the Beedrill mustering their forces for another strike.

    Northwest Road: Camp

    Avaith sighed as Shadoan looked at his gyro device and made an attempt to call hers. "... Why is the- oh... I can't..." He sighed when he saw he had no bars. "There's no signal, The radio tower shuts down in the evenings and they're the only ones who connect the region to the rest of the world, internet, cell phones and all." Avaith sighed as he appreciated the small attention Kiba gave him, though it didn't lift his spirits much. Shadoan walked over and picked up Avaith and brought him over to his lap and stroke his head while feeding him a few of his favorite berries. Shadoan looked up and frowned a little. "What happened to you? I mean, first were fighting ghosts in the loft and you along with your team just vanished..." Irek walked over and sat down. "I think the waystone we received earlier contribute to that, but apparently, that's not the full story... What happened to you Kiba? Humans dissappearing like you did is often an amazement." Watching Amber bounce up and down Light responded. "My name was suppose to mean hope; since I don't die so very easily... Though Ironically, I became a dark pokemon" "I have no idea why he named me Stella... I just like it." Jev was seen sliding down the trees, stuffing his face with muddle peaches; belching once before swinging around, disoriented stepping. "HeY WheRE DiDS MY hoRn Goes?" The bug eventually feel over and fallen fast asleep.

    Out of the cave and out into the world, the bubble rolled over and over until it burst. Julia and Mello landed into a small mud pit as the beast stood from the cave and howled at the sky before returning back into the cave to resume its guarding duties. Getting up, both Mell and Julia were covered in mud to cushion their landing as they looking around to get a better idea of their location. They find a source of water that leads to an abandon water mill. From a distance, the mill looks like its been abandoned for ages; it must have been put in when the first settlers of Lethia arrived and had trouble surviving the intense conditions. Whatever the case, it was a good place to camp out for the evening.

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