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I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD uni stuff and life and whatnot. Sorry for having been gone for a week or so, but at least I did warn you :3 Here are some well deserved levels. Now, Aberdeen isn't fighting Brock yet so who will be the first to challenge him for real? And what will you make of the museum-thief quest? Hmm?

@ Red Wing
Nice rematch!

- Sparky grew to lvl 17 and learned Pursuit!
- Lily grew to lvl 15 and learned Teeter Dance!
- Katt's new Sableye is on lvl 10!

@ Sir Bastian

Awww they are just too cute! Pity he has a mate though, now Pinocchio can't be allowed to flirt with Buzz, lol

- Adam's new Pikachu is on lvl 10!
- Buzz then grew to lvl 11!

@ Wing & Bastian

I merged the levels for your own posts with those from your joint post, above. The joint post was a joy to read! Such believable interaction and haha, sharing room, that's cute. Looking forward to the battle!

@ Puppeteer Mask
Wonderful interaction between the rivals! Also... dat dream. Dat.

Come to think about it, I'd like to officially encourage you to write about your characters dreaming. Especially dreaming strange things, strange memories perhaps. :] Not in every post, but now and then, if you want to.
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