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I think it would be interesting if Pokemon were given more personality traits. They're a bit simplistic at the moment but imagine if Pokemon had between 3-5 different personality traits each and these could modify various parts of the gameplay.

For example you could have a personality trait that causes pokemon to naturally act insubordinate (low opinion of authority) and ignore you more often regardless of their current level.

The timid trait could be changed to make a pokemon less willing to fight or be scared of conflict in battle. It might call itself back into it's pokeball and a different pokemon on your team is sent out.

Another trait could be one like late bloomer or prodigy which causes the level a pokemon evolves at to change up or down by a few levels (maybe 2 levels in either direction)

There's a lot of potential to add more variety to the way Pokemon behave and how you interact with them.

Then finally the bond system could be a way to break down the barriers of a pokemons personality. Like making a hostile or proud pokemon willing to listen to your commands despite their personality. Or helping a late bloomer (evolves later than is normal) evolve at the regular or even earlier time. Giving a timid pokemon the confidence to excel and stand it's ground.

I think it would make pokemon seem a lot more like living creatures and not just objects to fight for us. Plus I think it would be really satisfying beating the elite four with a team that had "issues" at the start.
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