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Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
Hello! I would like to place a request, and I'm trying to make a good team to beat my friend, and I want to give myself motivation to practice RNGing. So, I could try to RNG you a W2 pokemon, if that's okay. You can tell me what, as long as it won't be too crazy. (Because I'm new to RNGing and I don't want something crazy hard.)
Pokémon: Gastly
Nickname: Ghost (I'm bad at nicknaming )
Shiny: No thank you
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest
Ability: Levitate
IVs: Flawless, if that's not too much trouble. If it is, then 31 is SpAtk and 31 in Spd
Hatch Location: Asperita City
Egg Moves: Perish Song
Thank you! And PM/VM me for the pokemon you want, as long as it's relatively easy to RNG.
I'll do it for free, just trade me something random. Also, I'd rather not do the nickname. I can't hatch at your location since RNGing eggs can only be done in BW, not B2W2.