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    Jack Davis - War and there's blood everywhere! Oh Arceus! Look at the blood! Field of the Fallen

    Jack sighed as he turned around to face Irek. For a moment he thought the Pikachu might shock him or something and forcibly drag him back to camp. He could see how it would be hard with a Kadabra right there with him, but thankfully that didn't happen. Instead he gave him some sort of blinking device. Apparently it was a beacon and with this beacon he could find Kiba faster... apparently. He nodded, "Thanks Irek. Don't worry, I'll find him. I know I will." He turned away and continued heading forward. Charlie smirked as he watched the Pikachu walk away and continued moving with his trainer. The funny thing was that Charlie had sensed Kiba back there. Yes, as odd as it was that kid he had met some time ago was that man now. It was strange to the psychic. He hadn't sensed how he had gotten older in such a short amount of time, but he would one day be curious about it and peer into it. If he was able to get older in a small amount of time, then it would be an advantage for him to do so as well! If he could spend time away to focus on his techniques and become stronger all the more power to him! Still, it was necessary to have Jack leave. He could have easily informed him of Kiba's presence, but why spoil the fun and any experience he could potentially gain by going around looking for the guy who was already found?

    Jack glanced about looking for a crate. It had to be sticking up so it would be very easy to find, right? "Charlie you sense anything?" He asked. The Kadabra shook his head as he continued to play with his spoons. He sighed and continued on, although as time passed he began to feel a bit... odd. At least that was the only way he could phase it. He could see it was not only affecting himself. Charlie seemed to become more... how could he say? Focused. Before he had been only moving his spoons with his mind very slowly. Now he seemed to have sped up the pace quite a bit. "Charlie? Is everything-" He didn't get time to finish his sentence as he heard some kind of crashing sound.

    He quickly tensed up and glanced about. Charlie's eyes narrowed at the sound and he quit playing around and readied his own mind as he reached out to see if he could feel any nearby pokemon. Jack took a cautious approach as he slowly neared some rocks but Charlie just chuckled and began to move ahead of his trainer. Confused Jack followed and saw that there were a ton of psychic pokemon facing off against some fire types! Odd, Shadoan said this was a place for psychic types, what were a bunch of fire types doing here? Still, they were fighting back and forth and it seemed that Charlie wanted in on the action.

    The psychic smirked and held out toward the fire types. A small grin formed over his face as he let loose a Psybeam to slam into one of the fire types and then grabbed another with his Confusion and slammed his body into another of his comrades.

    Well, sides had already been chosen, and Jack did have more psychic types than fire types of course... He pulled out another pokeball and released Alpha into the battle. "Alpha, take out those fire types! Pump up with a Calm Mind first, it'll help a lot." The Hypno glanced about and then looked at Charlie. Immediately his eyes widened with fear and he quickly glanced about to try and see where the other humans were. He looked back with Jack with a confused expression. "Hey, don't worry, Charlie is cooled down now." Alpha couldn't help but gulp, yet he still followed his trainer's direction and closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath and mediated just a bit causing his special attack and defense to rise up. Oddly enough Alpha felt more powerful than he usually did. It was as if the earth itself seemed to be giving him energy!

    The Hypno's eyes snapped open as he finished his power up and glanced down at the scene, particularly at Charlie. He just hopped this wouldn't backfire in any way.
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