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    The infamous caves of pokemon have always been quite the trouble to travel through in some cases. Some are big, some are dark, some are big and dark. In Kanto, there was the infamous Rock Tunnel that leads to Lavender Town, in Johto, there was the famous Dark Cave, and the Ice Cave leading to Blackthorn City. In Hoenn, we had trips to the Meteorite Cave, as well as the Marine Tunnels on where we'd have to dive to. In Sinnoh, there was, of course, Mt. Coronet, that is so big that it leads to various places throughout Sinnoh. In the original Black and White, we got to travel to the Chargestone Cave, where electricity was formed, and of course, B2W2, where we got to travel through Volcano tunnels that contained Heatran, and the cave that contained Kyreum.

    There were loads more caves thoughout these games, but, the point here is, how do you think caves and tunnels will play out in the region that these new games are based on? Could the tunnels be based on the caves and tunnels around the outskirts of France (the country where it's speculated on where the regions is based on)? For example, the Lascaux is the setting of a complex of caves in southwestern France, famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. What other sorts of caves and tunnels would you like to see? For example, would you like to see more Ice Caves? More Marine Tunnels? More Caves where Lava flows? Maybe caves where a mountain of treasure lies? How big should these caves be? Could these caves be a representation of legendary pokemon, or other beliefs in the X&Y pokemon world? Could maybe the title legendaries be found at one point in the caves, or perhaps the clue to finding them being there? How often should we travel through caves? Is it possible to have caves in this new region? Feel free to discuss thoughts!

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