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    Hearing Spencer stopping short, Seth turned back confused and approached the other male. As he did, he heard the other male asking about plans behind the female reaper's back. It wasn't exactly professional to change plans like that, but diplomacy wasn't a bad idea. The female reaper also appeared to be a wild card, too...

    "There's no telling what we might be dealing with, though. For all we know there might be a harbringer involved and we might be waltzing up to whoever it is. We might want to have one of us out of sight but close by in case things get out of hand," Seth suggested, but stopped as he heard a large booming noise. Looking over to the west, he could see something dark on the horizon. Taking out his monocle and focusing his vision more, he could see smog-like clouds. They seemed inky and mixed with a very dark purple kind of color. Cursing to himself, he grabbed Spencer, turned him around pointed to the clouds. "If that's not a mirage then we might be in for some trouble...!"
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