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    Free Agent looking for work
    Area looking for work: I can sprite fakemon and fusions pretty well. Couple of examples shown (I'll have to find my fakemon; I know they're around here somewhere but I haven't been on this forum in years). I have a tiny bit of experience with overworld objects and item sprites. No animations. I'm just not good at it yet.
    Timezone: Central
    Preferred method of contact: Prefer facebook. I'll provide link on request.
    Examples of work: attached. I've helped with a few games on here before, but it's been years so I don't remember the names.
    Additional Info: I am not looking to work for free. I don't want money, I just want help on my game in exchange for help on yours. Most of the people come to this forum looking to make their own game. You'll find many more people asking for help than volunteering. So...

    Recruiting a Team Member
    Team name: Delta Force
    Team Leader: Me
    Current Members: Nobody is officially joined, although I have friends who help out from time to time.
    Current Game title: Pokemon Delta
    Current progress made: Lots of spriting done.
    Position(s) needed: I need somebody to help me rip the tilesets out of the Ranger games. That's kind of it. I have somebody that knows programming and I can make the maps myself. If you can even find me a program that works so I can do it myself, that would be great.
    If you're really strapped for help though and you like my stuff, we can figure something out based on your skill set.

    I do not have an active thread for Pokemon Delta, as I am not sure I will be releasing it here. But since this is mostly a post offering my services I don't feel it's needed.
    Additional info: I have a facebook group for pokemon-game related stuff. You don't have to join it but it's the best way to contact me, and I have more of my sprites showcased there (some vary in quality because I was working on a couple animation projects).
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    I'm back!
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