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Trainer Seth

Victor ♂ lv. 15
[ Ember, Tackle, Smokescreen, Leer ]

Farrah ♀ lv. 13
[ Tackle, Quick Attack, Defense Curl ]

Marshall ♂ lv. 8
[ Mud Slap, Water Gun, Tail Whip ]

It should hatch soon.

A friend of mine fixed my Silver cartridge for me after it died last year, so I started up a new game! Named my player Seth and picked a good trusty partner, Victor the Cyndaquil! We ventured on to Mr. Pokemon's house and received a Mystery Egg! What could it be? On the way back to the lab, I battled some red-haired kid that called himself ??? but when the police asked for his name, I said his name was Biology because I was in that class at the time, and I just can't stand it. I gave the egg to the professor and got some Pokeballs and used one to catch my next party member, Farrah the Sentret. So cute! I also caught Belle the Bellsprout to use for Cut later on. Ooops spoilers...!

After a little grinding, we took down Sprout Tower (Belle didn't watch or partake, don't worry) and Victor evolved into Quilava. After this, we decided we were ready to take on a gym challenge and we beat Falkner and his level 9 Pidgeotto with ease. We met up with Professor Elm's aide to receive the egg again. What's in there?! As we progressed south of Violet City, we caught our third party member, Marshall the Wooper! Puts that Mud Slap TM to good use, at least. Now we're preparing for Union Cave. Yup yup!

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