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    Samson Jones

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Samson stands at a shocking 6'5" and towers over everyone he knows, and because of his height everyone usually makes fun of him or call him 'The Big Guy'. He is also quite chubby and he is used to people bullying him because of his chubbiness as well - let's just say people have bullied him for a large portion of his life. He dresses in shadowy clothes, a black cape, black shirts/tunics, grey trousers and black boots. He likes to hide as he is ashamed of himself for being so tall and chubby, so wearing in darker clothes was the only option.

    Samson used to have a muscular build - even though no one believes him - but after the death of his mother when he was a young child, he started to gorge all the food he could find. He started putting on more weight and he is currently around 127 pounds but he doesn't like to be called pudgy or fat, but chubby.

    Personality: Samson tries to hang out with the popular people in the Academy, but it always fails. He usually tries to do this every few weeks or so. He does a small little group of the unpopular people who he usually talks to, but being one of the unpopular people he is always feeling bad inside. However he almost deserves it because he never was very nice to people. He's rude to people if they try to annoy him or mock him even though they still carry on. Samson doesn't know why it happens, it just flies out of his mouth.

    He used to be one of the big, muscly guys who are always doing something to get fit, when he was younger but after his mother's death he became the stay at home type who never did talk much. Samson now usually either is sleeping, reading or gorging on food. He has never considered dating a girl but as he is becoming an older teenager he may consider it sooner or later.

    History: Samson had a wonderful life when both his Mum and Dad were alive, he was your average kid back then. Kind, friendly and his weird feature - being really, really tall for his age. His Mum and him used to visit the gardens behind their little cottage style house. They walked down a long, winding path and then there it was. The place that his Mum had worked on ever since she had lived in the cottage. All the flowers you could imagine we're in that garden but when his Mum died, his father locked the gates and sealed any entrance into the secret garden. All you can now see of it is ivy creeping up the crumbling walls. He was a ten year old when she died so the last 6 years for Sam have been like hell.

    He started eating as much food as he could after the death, he just ate and ate. It almost made him feel better but it was then that the pounds started piling up. The 10 year old who was a muscly, tall, happy child had changed into a chubby, tall, rude child. His weight was a lot more than it was 6 months before. He felt so bad after eating so much so he he tried to get fit once again. He tried and tried for a many months but only a few pounds were of of his original weight.

    Starter Pokèmon:
    Species: Umbreon
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Detect.
    Pokémon Gender: Female

    RP Sample: From Tainted Waters (my most recent is quite a while back)

    Derek Affe

    Derek had been heading towards Ectruteak City for a while now with his two companions, Steam, his Torkoal, and Kirlia who had not yet named. He was on Route 37 which was the route below Ecruteak, he was almost there. The Ecruteak Dance Studio had an event that you could go to support Suicune, one of the three legendary "dogs" in Johto. There had been posters almost everywhere he went, all saying -

    Come to the Ecruteak Dance Theatre! Hosting Suicune support ceremony soon!

    Suicune was the legendary guarding of water, and it had recently disappeared, vanish, poof! When that event had occurred, the waters of Johto had become polluted and whenever wild Pokemon battled you they had this strange look in their eye and there attacks were stronger than normal. Derek had recently encountered a crazy Sentret near Goldenrold City and it was trying to bite off Derek's ear, it was freaky.

    "Guys, look!" he said to his Pokemon as he saw the sad remains of the Burned Tower looming above them, high in the sky. "We've arrived at Ecruteak!"

    The happy cries of Torkoal and Kirlia filled his ears and he slowly stepped into Ecruteak City.


    As he entered the centre of Ecruteak, the sound of a beautiful violin came to his ears. He followed the sound until he found a girl a few years older playing the violin beautifully. And it really was beautiful.

    "Wow ... You're an awesome violinist!" he gasped in amazement. "Isn't it the tribute song to Ho-Ho and the Legendary Pokemon?"

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