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The Baby Pokémon Challenge


You are the youngest child of a family of Pokémon Breeders. All of your older brothers and sisters have gone on their own Pokémon Adventures and you want to do the same thing. But you know that your parents would be worried about you and that they need help running the Breeding Center and the Daycare anyways so you decide not to speak up.
However, in the morning of your 10th birthday, you receive presents from your brothers and sisters along with letters from each one of them. Their presents turn out to be Pokémon Eggs that they got from their own Pokémon. You happily smile at the bundle of colorful eggs in front of you and just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, your parents give you an Egg as a present as well.
You happily start taking care of your Pokémon Eggs, anxiously awaiting the moment they would hatch. Eventually, the Eggs begin glowing and shaking and soon enough, each one of them hatches into the cutest baby Pokémon you’ve ever seen.
You happily hug every single one of them, you give them unique names and you begin playing with them and training them.
One day, your friend/rival drops by and sees you training with your cute little friends.
The Friend:
They come over and congratulate you on obtaining such cute, little Pokémon and advise you to talk to your parents about allowing you to go on your own journey.

The Rival:
He points at your little friends and laughs, saying that there’s no way such tiny Pokémon could even battle, much less win any then he walks away, still snorting and giggling.

You are suddenly motivated to start your adventure and so are your Pokémon friends so, after a long talk with your parents, they agree to let you go, but not before you promised them you’d call, or at least write to them.
So your adventure begins!

You are allowed to trade/ hack in* Pokémon Eggs to start your journey. (5 at most if you wish to use the Pokémon that hatches from the Egg you obtain in game)
You must nickname all of your Baby Pokémon. Their nicknames have to be related to their shape/size/type/nature/colour. (Choose one that you feel comfortable with.)
You must complete the challenge using a team of at least 2 Baby Pokémon.
By no means shall your Baby Pokémon evolve.
You are allowed to hack in Everstones for your Pokémon to hold if you do not wish to cancel their evolution every time they level up.
(HG/SS) You are allowed to hack in the Event Shiny Pichu if you wish to use the Spiky-Eared Pichu as part of your team.
You can have 2 of the same Baby Pokémon but they must play different roles in your party and must have different skills.
Egg moves are allowed, but one Baby Pokémon can not have more than two of them.
By the end of the challenge, each Baby Pokémon must still have one egg move among their skills.
HM slaves are allowed, even more than that, recommended, but you may not have more than one at a time with you.
The challenge ends when you’ve defeated the Champion in the game of your choice as follows:
FR/LG: Blue (Your Rival)
G/S/C/HG/SS: Red (At Mt Silver)
R/S: Steven
E: Wallace
D/P/Pt: Cynthia
B/W: Alder
B2/W2: Iris
X/Y: ???

Optional Rules

If you feel that your challenge is not difficult enough, you may add one(or more) of these optional rules to spice things up a little.
One of your Baby Pokémon must know the move Tickle by the time the challenge ends (or any other move with the same effect as Tickle if you’re playing a Gen II game).

One of your Baby Pokémon must know the move Fake Tears by the time the challenge ends (or any other move with the same effect as Fake Tears if you’re playing a Gen II game).
One of your Baby Pokémon must know a healing move by the time the challenge ends.
One of your baby Pokémon must know a move that inflicts / has a chance of inflicting a Status Ailment by the time the challenge ends.

One of your Baby Pokémon must act as your starter and go first in all Rival and Gym Battles.

Ultimate Challenge
You are free to do the Ultimate Version of this challenge which supposes playing through every region with a team of Baby Pokémon.

You have the options to keep a steady team (use the same kind of Pokémon you used in your first game) or to choose different teams in every game.

Sign-up Form

Should you wish to join, please fill up the following form:
Type of Challenge:
Optional Rules:

Name: †Dementia†
Type of Challenge: Single
Game: Pokémon SoulSilver
Optional Rules: All
Team: (starter)

* No RNG abuse, no Max IVs, EVs & stuff allowed.
You can find a list of all the Baby Pokémon here.

Single Challengers

†Dementia†- SoulSilver
blaziken153- HeartGold
Inferna- HeartGold
Seppy- LeafGreen
cc_aussie- Diamond
Rex862-Black 2
Porygon Z-Silver

Ultimate Challengers


If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.