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    > East. Go east. Definitely east.
    > There could be something to loot in the east, go east

    It's been a while since you did anything suicidal, so you figure it's about time to go and investigate the terrifying sound coming from your right. You walk through a little field towards the edge of one of the tiny cliffs, look over the edge, and see—

    —the Eldritch Cyndaquil standing between the trees that flank the path out of New Bark, head thrown back, the last of its howl dying on what pass for its lips.

    You realise with a growing sense of your own stupidity that while the path back to New Bark Town is to your south, the cliffs to the east also lead back to it. Damn it, the Narrator was just abusing the text-based format to screw with your expectations again.

    You no longer hold out any hope of looting anything to the east.

    > Go loot the gate house before continuing on to Cherrygrove
    > Head to cherrygrove as fast as your wounded leg can carry you.

    Beating a hasty retreat, you duck briefly into the gatehouse but find very little other than the guard's spare hat.

    Othodox found one Squat Green hat! Othodox put the Squat Green Hat in the Questionable Headgear Pocket.

    After that, you hurry on to Cherrygrove, stopping only to pluck a Green Apricorn from the tree near the route's end. Huh. So it was an Apricorn tree.

    Othodox found one Green Apricorn! Othodox put the Green Apricorn in the Apricorn Box.

    Apart from the brief interruption by the Cyndaquil, your journey is as silent and uneventful as ever. You pass through the Cherrygrove gatehouse, and enter Cherrygrove City.

    To the north is a Pokémon Centre, a Pokémon Mart and the path to Route 30.

    To the south is a house.

    To the west are two more houses, and beyond them the ocean.

    To the east is the gatehouse leading to Route 29.

    There is a signpost here.

    There are beauteous flowers here.

    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.