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Well, for now, I just need a simple OW 16bitx16bit of rainy form Castform. I don't really need movements for this one, just one for facing down would be anough. :]

I also need sprites and OWs for these (low priority for now):

- a young man that gives an impression that he is a gravekeeper (black clothes maybe? P.S.: He's meant to be one of the Elite Four.) (If you can do me this sprite and the rainy form castform sprite I'd be highly thankful)
- a kid that looks like Brock. (P.S.: He is Brock's brother)
- a sprite of Forrest. (The oldest of Brock's brother)
- a young woman in white/light gray and simple clothes. (P.S.: She is meant to be a Normal-type Gym Leader)

Thanks in advance. :]