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@Khawill: That would be a bit crude for Fallout's standards, don't you think?~

@Stinkoman: Alright. We made some progress, but conclusively not enough. First thing's first. The personality section is still very, very short by PC's standards. (Also, why does a boy whose pokespirit fusion would doubtlessly give him super-blades over his entire body carry something as flimsy as a razor around?)

Your personality is currently 41 words long. Aim for 150 at a bare minimum.

Your history also has several... oddities in it. You don't explain why cannibals took him in rather than do what cannibals are predisposed towards doing and eating him. Such an odd action deserves an explanation don't you think? I also feel like perhaps you've misunderstood the setting of the RP, being a world where electrical technology is completely gone and medicine has been set back to medeival times. (Therefore, artificial insemination is not something that happens.)

It's also fair to say that with so hilariously little food to begin with making alcohol should be taking a backseat to not dying. Therefore, finding enough alcohol to get drunk off of is likely both extremely difficult and impractical. (Unless you're a very successful cannibal or a pokespirit wielder known for eating normally inedible things like dirt, wood, and rock in which case you do not have a shortage of food to begin with.)

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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