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Having a challenge available for all games is always a plus, but what really ticks me off (probably due to my job) is having obnoxiously large font sizes or no proper layout at all on the opening post where you're supposed to explain the rules.
Also capslock makes it even more redundant. I know some people don't read the rules properly or just skim them over when they sign up, but having to scroll up and down when reading the rules is tedious.

How the opening post looks gives the impression of what type of a player the creator is also.
If it's hastily put together and uses multiple formatings along with no real "list" of rules, the challenge won't appeal.
Bulks of text are irritating to read through especially if you have to search for the numbers for rules.

side note: why do all wild shinies decide to die on me?!! D8 Last time it was a Shiny Oddish on my Emerald and I killed it with Scratch... Now a Shiny Rattata... that I killed with Leech Life that wasn't even a STAB... Whyyyyyyyyy......

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