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Originally Posted by Forever
Yeah and it'd be like a rival to Claydol somewhat, in my opinion!
Quoting Nica's post from the New Pokemon Speculation thread, but speaking of Claydol, I'd really like it if it had an evolution of some sort. Reason being that, as awesome as Claydol is, it's really too slow to really perform effectively on the battlefield. That, and it's also too weak; it'll take quite a few CM boosts on Claydol's part to even be remotely threatening to anything. So in actuality, it's just kind of a floating, psychic blimp or something.

I know that Claydol looks like it's supposed to be defensive more than offensive, but I'm hoping it's evo brings about somewhat of a balance of both. Still emphasizing on defense, but giving it decent offenses as well, at least something to make effective use of Calm Mind, and increase it's speed so it'll actually be threatening and not be set up bait for anything that has substitute. x_x

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