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    Nathan - Outskirts of Children City

    Nath flew down to rest. He was only going to rest for a few minutes to restore his fatigue and have something to eat. He reached into his back and struggled to pull out his food. His food wasn't the only thing that came out of the bag. A torn photo fell out and land on it's back. Nath noticed it, and got a little teary just by looking at the white paper back. He picked it up to refresh his memories.

    The photo was probably from before Nath was born. The economy in solaceon town looked good then, everyone working together to support families. Those really were the days, if only people were more considerate, and less greedy, perhaps everything would become normal and balanced, just like it was with pokemon. There was a man on the photo, which was Nathan's uncle, and he was leaning on something... But the photo was torn there... Nath started to cry a bit more, before yelling
    "I don't wanna do this no more!" A little too loud. There was no telling who heard him scream.

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