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When I first joined the Challenges section, I started a challenge some of you may remember called the Slow Learner challenge. For all intents and purposes, it had the makings of a successful challenge. A unique concept that brought legitimate challenge to the game by forcing you to be unable to delete any move once they were learned. While it did have an okay run, it never really picked up the steam I expected it too. And I even found myself quitting the challenge, as it really wasn't my type of challenge. The Vault Hunter's challenge is my second challenge to date, and is mostly kept afloat by me and TwilightBlade. I can only attribute this to the fact that less people in challenges are really fans of the Borderlands series that I based the challenge on. It was also fairly complicated, though I would say not overly so, and required a bit of research in order to build a team. Ultimately, simplicity seems to be the key to a successful thread concept wise. Rules tend to need a bit of intricacy in order to prevent people from exploiting loop holes, something I learned while in charge of the Monotype challenge.

Ultimately, there's really no knowing just what is gonna make a successful challenge. Unless you are running one of the big four (Monotype, Solo, Random, Nuzlocke) there is really no way to guarantee success. All you need is a little luck.