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I really think that 5th Gen kind of nailed it as far as the caves that I'd like to see(minus underwater caves. There definitely be more of those).

It's just that, for anyone who knows me, I'm a person that loves the elements, and I'd love it if there were caves that would somehow symbolize more and more of those. A Fire cave, Ice cave, water cave, and even though this was in Mystery Dungeon(and probably won't make it into the games), a cave in the sky somewhere. I'm just a huge fan of variety and I'd love it if there were more creative sorts of caves, more decorated, and made the puzzles a bit different too. Not necessarily harder in any sense, just different I guess. Not sure how though, so I'll just leave it at that. XD

As far as the other questions go, while I personally don't mind caves that much, I can see how they get on people's nerves sometimes, so I don't think that the number of caves required to go through the storyline should be a lot, but maybe add in a few optional caves for those who really love cave-exploring and whatnot, maybe inside those caves we'll find more and more about genetics(a genetics-based cave, not bad!), and things that'll tie the hidden cave to the storyline, things of that nature.

Ultimately, I'm asking for GF to not make the caves more complex in any matter, but be more creative with them! Chargestone cave was definitely an interesting cave to go through, and that one ice cave in Gen III that I forgot the name of(lmfao) but yeah, those are pretty good examples~!

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