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That'll be awesome! I was a huge advocate of Shadow Pokemon, so I'd like it if they put something like that in the games! I've kinda missed Shadow Pokemon too, ever since Colo/XD, and if there isn't going to be a third game with those, might as well take the great thing about them and put it in B/W. u___u

I'm not sure how metallic Pokemon work though. Are they just going to be differently colored Pokemon? o: If so, that'd be interesting~! Differently colored, but at the same time not shiny Pokemon, but I can see possible future confusion between metallics and shiny Pokemon, so maybe we should keep it between just shinies and metallics. XD

Also, Shadow Pokemon could just be an aesthetic thing! I remember posting something about it in X/Y whereas Shadow Pokemon could have something to do with the storyline because of genetic modifications, but I won't get into that since that'll be dragging the thread into a whole different direction.

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