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    Things are going fine, I suppose. Prizes are in, win conditions are in, lots of various other things are done too. I don't keep track of what I've done, but things are being tidied up a bit.

    It would be nice to find a rulings pdf or something for the Base/Jungle/Fossil sets which describes various scenarios and answers what is supposed to happen (e.g. exactly when Gastly's Destiny Bond occurs, before or after the attack's extra effect if it has one?). It'd help with programming in the various card effects. Actually, rulings for other sets would be nice too, to make sure there were places for any new effects people might want to add.

    Aside from effects related to specific attacks or cards, are there really only four factors to keep track of? By this I mean, 1 Energy Card limit per turn, 1 retreat limit per turn, 1 evolution per Pokémon per turn, and (for most Pokémon Powers) 1 Power use per Pokémon per turn. I can't think of any other general game mechanics that would need to be tracked like these are, which aren't specific to particular card effects.
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