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I keep getting this error whenever I enter one of my maps. The strange thing is it doesn't happen all the time, and not automatically. Sometimes it takes a second, sometimes I can walk around a while and then it happens. Sometimes it happens only when I interact with an event. It only happens on the map, and I have no idea why

Pokémon Melanite
Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass


PokemonField:1376:in `call'

PBEvent:54:in `trigger'

PBEvent:49:in `each'

PBEvent:49:in `trigger'

Game_Character_2:67:in `update_move'

Game_Character_2:6:in `update_old2'

Walk_Run:92:in `update'

Game_Event_:249:in `update'

Game_Map_:351:in `update'

This exception was logged in 

C:\Users\Administrator\Saved Games/Pokémon Melanite/errorlog.txt.

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