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    James “Jay” Rybak

    I followed Evie, Wyatt, and Orange to the cafeteria of the academy. I returned my three birds back into their Pokéballs to ensure their safety from becoming lost in the sea of students. I placed the Pokéballs inside a secure pocket of my tan cargo pants.

    By the time I received a plastic plate to select food from the various types of food from pudding to fruit and so on, at the corner of my eye I glanced at a table where Orange, Evie, and Wyatt were occupied. My friends appeared to be happy, enjoying their meal. As much as I wanted to join my newly made friends, I decided to consume my meal at my room at the Raikou Dorm. I honestly and truly do not dislike my friends. I needed space from all the events that this day had brought to my life. I needed to “recharge my batteries” from talking to other people. I was never the one who would chatter often, I preferred to listen instead of speaking out.

    As I walked through the various paths to other tasty morsels, I took the amount of food my Pokémon and I thought that was enough to cause me and my Pokémon to be full enough that I would not become sluggish. I selected vegetables, fruits, berries, and food made of grains. I never took the turkey or any other varieties of meat due to the fact that I am a vegetarian. As I selected my choices of food, I also selected some rations for my Pokémon by placing their meal in a medium-sized, plastic bag that I took out from my messenger bag. I collected the favorite berries of my Pokémon, fruits, and vegetables to place within in the plastic bag. Perhaps I could mix my Pokémon’s meal with some dried insects within the bag of bugs I’ve left at my room in the dorm. My Pokémon are omnivores and a large diversity of food would benefit them.

    Once I finished selecting my food choices, I walked towards the table that I saw my friends at to inform them that I’ll be eating dinner at my room without them. However, Evie and Wyatt disappeared and Orange was alone at the table with his Pokémon and his meal. I did not want to cause Orange to become upset due to leaving him alone, but my gut feeling was pulling me to go back to my room for some space.

    With a gentle voice and a hint of anxiety that I hope Orange doesn’t notice as I told him, “Orange, I would like to return back to my room for some space or a “breather” as you might say. I apologize for leaving you alone at this table. It’s just that so much had just happened in a single day.”

    I curtsied and walked out of the cafeteria into the fresh night sky. The moon was radiating a soft, warm, glow. The stars were bright and the skies were clear from mists and vapors. Even the Milky Way could be seen. The gentle rustles of the tree leaves created a harmony with the buzz of nocturnal insects. I scent of the food from the cafeteria and a hint of ocean air crept into my nostrils. I walked along the brick path to the village of dorms while gazing at the dark sea, shimmers, and the orb of the night. As I trek further into the path, I walked along the split in the path to the back doors of the Raikou Dorm.

    Once I arrived at back doors, rows of doors and windows with curtains laid out before me. I walked along the back doors of the Raikou Dorm until I found a door labeled Room 66, the room that I was assigned to. I took out my key from the left pocket of my cargo pants to open the door. With a click, the door opened to reveal my two-door room. I gently closed the back door to leave a peek as the back door creaked. The door was unlocked for some fresh air. I flipped on the switch for the lights to flicker on. I placed my bag below a wooden table, and the food onto the wooden table. The room looked exactly as I left the room before. The room was neat and clean without a trace of a crumb of bread. Well, until I splat out on the bed; creating a mess of folds on the sheets. I was so exhausted that I could feel my blood rushing through my head.

    I reached into the right pocket of my cargo pants to obtain my Pokémon’s Pokéballs. I opened the three Pokéballs to reveal three fountains of red light materializing into three, different shapes of birds.

    Emil flew to my side, her wings sluggish and tired, to cuddle me as she was nearing the edge of sleep. In return, I lifted her onto one of the pillows of the bed while making sure Emil would sleep well on the pillow. Samuel was at the edge of the window, curtain-opened, staring into the sky with an aura of curiosity. Nalafari, being a bit of a glutton, flew to the table to open the plastic bag of food to devour a succulent, plump Cheri Berry.

    I took my sketchbook and pencil out from my messenger bag, and sat near the window, making observations of the nighttime sky. I etched the stars from Orion to Cygnus and the bright orb known as the moon. I felt peaceful; so tranquil that I was in a “flow” where my hands automatically move to create the sky onto the fragile piece of paper.

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