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    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Let's Play of the badly translated Pokemon Green version. This is my second take at completing it and I am hell bent on doing so. I decided to re-pick up streaming and creating videos as a hobby once again, and this time I hope I can make it much more consistent.

    The format of this Let's Play is going to be a little different then others, I will be doing the standard uploading to You Tube, however... I will also be live streaming every single recording on! That means the raw and unedited version can be seen first there, and I will definitely be interacting with those in the chat! (Keep in mind I will try to keep a balance between my Let's Playing and interacting with the chat). The link to go there is (if I'm not supposed to be linking this here I'll gladly delete it.

    But without further ado! Here is the first instalment of the Let's Play! The videos make cut abruptly but that is because I usually stream for around an hour. So please be patient as the next videos will more then likely be released soon after.

    Pokemon Green Let's Play (Episode 1) - Welcome to the world of ELF!
    An introduction to the trophy that is Poketto Monsuta Green.

    Please stick around as it has been a while since I've recorded/streamed so my fluency has suffered, but I'm hoping that the quality will be very much improved by a few episodes in!