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    Pokemon Scrambled Version
    The region name is Lancia

    Mark/Alexa* has received dreadful news, their dad was found missing! Their dad's best friend told them what happened. One day when he was sleeping in his house and the next day he disappear. He also stated that his stuff was still in his house! Mark/Alexa has decided to head off on a journey to find their dad but Marrisa recommends them to start a Pokemon journey instead. She claims it is much safer than searching in the dangerous land without any protection. When Mark/Alexa left the house their childhood friend named Taka (whose a male) appeared. Mark/Alexa told him everything Taka has agreed that he will help them find their dad. Once they leave Aroma Town (player town) they then bump into Professor Oak in Route 1. The two (Mark/Alexa and Taka) ask him if they can receive a Pokemon. Oak said yes and they jump with joy! Oak says he doesn't really have any starter Pokemon but instead he has [Baltoy, Zorua, and Mienfoo].

    A sinister team called Team Shadow was creating a brand new Pokemon. The experiment went into a failure. They kept trying and they have succeeded! The men were all happy but something went wrong. The beast has destroyed its cage and fled. Saki (Boss name, Male) has order his men to capture the beast. Saki left and return to his base. Saki's admins Bishop (male), Cloudy (female), and Bear (male) ask Saki what had happened. Saki explained that Project Ryukaze was a success. The admins were happy that it went to a success. But Saki wasn't finished. He told them that the beast fled from the lab. He told them that they too have to search for Ryukaze in order to dominate the region or the world. They agreed and left but some of his men that were working for him heard about world domination. They did not like world domination so they abandon Team Shadow and fled to Saki's son's base.

    Note: Saki has never did anything bad but stole money and stuff from innocent people in order to fund for Project Ryukaze.

    Saki's son (Gohan) learned about the incident and Saki's scheme from the former members of Team Shadow. He told them things will get worst if it remains there! Gohan formed Neo Team Shadow! The former men joined Gohan to stop the beast and put an end to Saki's plan. He told them he wants to protect the region not destroy it. That's why he left Team Shadow. He did not have the evil blood that his father possessed, so he will try everything to stop it. Gohan told them to steal from the innocent for materials to build the weapon which will destroy Ryukaze. The men were confused on why they have to steal from innocents for material. Gohan explained that they were low on funds and the people of Lancia will never serve Team Shadow. That was the only choice they had and they agreed. He made the three men that told him about the incident his admins. Their names were: X (male), Sandia (female), and Ron (male).

    *: Player character

    1) Asuna (female) - Poison
    2) Jake (male) - Normal
    3) William (male) - Fighting
    4) Sekai (female) Flying
    5) Dragonia (male) - Dragon
    6) Shark (male) - Ice
    7) Aquarius (male) Water
    8) Gothina (female) - Dark

    1) Rex (male) - Steel
    2) Dog (male) Electric
    3) Santos (male) - Psychic
    4) Fiona (female) - Fire

    Lano (male) - Variety

    I would like to make myself as a trainer too, just a PKMN Trainer Lau which is a male.
    So what you guys think? Is it good '-'?
    Also I would like to assemble a team to help get started with this game If you are interested drop a PM.
    EDIT 1: 24/2/13 5:46 PM: Enhanced the plot, changed the starter Pokemon, and made Pokemon Scrambled Version the permanent title.
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