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Scarlet Johnson
Outskirts of Children City


I sighed, its's been forever since iv'e traveled... Hi, my name's Scarlet Johnson. And this is my rather annoying pokespirit... "Where are the berries?!" That was my pokespirit, Syrena. "Were out! Gosh, if you wanna have some go outside and don't be lazyyyyyyy." I replied, in a slightly bored tone. Just as Syrena was about to argue with me, I spilled out words. "Let's go Travel again." The words shocked Syrena, and myself a little too actually. It's been forever since iv'e been out.. wait? Iv'e said that already..

Oh well. Syrena's expression turned into a faint smile, and she nodded. Yaaay! This was going to be just liek the old days! We quickly packed up all we needed, food, sticks, ect; Then headed out. We made out way out the tree house we had built together, took a while. We were still on a branch that was right infront of the entrance. And just to make sure, we both scanned the place before leaping out of the tree. I landed on my feet and together, we began walking. "Uh-quick question, where are we going?" I asked.

I turned to Syrena, she didn't look at me but replied. "I don't know.. I guess we'll have to wait and see where the place will ta--" Syrena got interrupted by a not so far away scream. Well more of a loud shout.. not that shouts aren't already loud.And with that we both rushed off to the direction of the shout, hiding behind stuff form time to time. Then we had reached it, there was a boy on the ground, slightly crying while looking at somethign in his hand. We hid behind a tree. I turned to Syrena, she was gesturing her head to the boy, wide eyed.

"What?! Alone?!" I whispered loudly, but only loud enough for Syrena to hear. She nudged me with her head "Go!!". I sighed, now I wasn't behind the tree, and I somehow found myself walking towards the boy. "Uh- are you okay?" I asked, in the sweetest tone I could. I sat down next to him.

"You need a tissue?" I offered, only looking at his face and not at what he was holding ((Im not nosy!)) and do we have tissues anyways? Whatever

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