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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
Just because it doesn't happen for every user doesn't mean that it isn't youtube's fault. It could only be for people with a certain browser, or OS, or video card, or ISP, or all of those things combined. In my case, I download at just under 30mbits/s, which is enough to watch dozens of 1080p videos at once, and yet I'm having trouble with 240p at times. And to test that it wasn't my internet, I started downloading a game on steam and got between 2-3mbs which is pretty much normal for steam.
You do have a point there, and I apologize for not even considering those factors you had mentioned. I have experienced stuff like this in the past with Youtube, though, and it may just be coincidental, but whenever I experience slow problems with Youtube, everyone else I know and talk to has Youtube problems as well unlike in this thread's instance to where it's pretty mixed with Youtube being slow to some but not others.
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