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In the 4th Generation, like previous games the in-game trade feature made a return. What is an in-game trade? Essentially it is when certain NPCs throughout the game offer to trade unique and strange Pokemon with various nicknames, in return for a certain one that usually can easily be found. When you trade away a Pokemon for them, the in-game trade you receive will be the level of the Pokemon you traded. For example let's say I traded an NPC a Buizel at Level 10 in return for a Chatot. The Chatot I'd receive would be Level 10.

You may find out all of the 4th Generation In-game trades here.

Now to get to the point, did you like the Pokemon being offered? Were they good choices or poor ones? Do you think there could of been any improvements? Have you ever done an in-game trade, if not why? And discuss!
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