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    My best memory is when I was playing Pokemon Gold and I was in the whirl islands and my typhlosion was seriously underleveled, and my other pokemon all fainted. (I was about 8 so i wasn't that good at pokemon lol) So, I finally got to Lugia, and i was a little worried at first that Lugia would pummel my typhlosion, so I pressed A and his cry came up and the battle started. And what do you know, it was a shiny! I was really excited now and I was really determined to catch it. (I first heard about shinies at school from my friend, because he caught a shiny Hoothoot and showed it to me.) So Lugia attacked first and my typhlosion's health went way down to red. Then my typhlosion used Flamethrower and Lugia's health went into yellow. So i threw an Ultra ball and it was caught on the first try! I was so happy, I danced around the room lol. So a few days later, I showed my friend at school on the playground and his jaw dropped. And he said, "So theres a new Pokemon Master in town, huh?" That is one of my most special memories of the II gen. :D