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Uhhh okay so,

I was re-reading this thread that turned out terribly. Back then there was barely any regulars. People like NU but resist it more because there's a lot to learn, etc, and it's not all from the start, and so on.

What if... we all at once specialise in something else, being PU? Aka what's below NU. It's not really an official tier, and while there are cut-offs, we can certainly try/get to use certain mons in PU and work by NU's tiers as in what leaves/joins PU. None of us would know anything so we'd be starting fresh p much and rather than pushing NU, a different version of it, aka PU, can become bigger, and instead of complaining about Mushy etc in NU we can play with some of NU's mons but in a fun way with the most powerful/most used not even allowed!

I'm not sure this post makes sense. tl;dr let's try PU. I mean I could just post a PU thread but I think it'd be better to have people interested all at once given we don't know much really. ;x

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