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@StinkomanFan: Hmm... I don't think you can use a flimsy razor to sharpen super-steel blades. I mean, you understand that pokemon are superpower wielding monsters and that by extension their pokespirit wielders as well? I just need to drill that concept home because there are some people who would love to see random humans take down pokemon and by extension pokespirit wielders with their random human weapons and... we personally take a stance that that sort of thing belongs exclusively in derpy parody movies.

Regardless, progress. Disregarding the questionable razor explanation, your personality looks good! No need to expand that anymore. Your history is also of respectable length. Two questions though. Did he have his pokespirit the entire time? It's not mentioned, and yet suddenly the spirit is telling him things. (Children must travel to Mt. Coronet to get their spirits.) The only other thing is: How did his pokespirit know about the murder?

If you can quickly fix those rather interesting questions I think I can approve your SU. I do apologize for the delays--As Machomuu mentioned earlier this is pretty standard affair on forums, assuming your GM actually cares enough to make sure things stay within certain quality standards. (Not taking the time to correct the conflicting errors in an SU just results in headaches down the road.)

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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