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    Originally Posted by Drago Dragonite View Post
    The lady nodded and picked up the paper. She put it in a kind of analizer, next to a big kind of microwave. The analizer emited a satisfying beep, and the microwave opened. A big box fell on the lady's hands with the name"Iny Gage" on the side.

    The lady put it carefully on the counter and opened it."Here is your school coat. You have to use it every time at the academy", said the lady, giving her a yellow coat with a small Raikou drawing. "Here is your map, so you don't get lost. You should take it with you everytime. The places with a red cross are forbidden", said the lady, as she gave a folded map of the island and the acdemy to Iny. "Here is your school card. As the coat, bring it always. There is a little place on the coat where you can hang the card, so you don't lose it", said the lady, as she gave the card to her. Daniel pointed to his own card, hung by a metal ring on the coat."See?", he asked. "And more importantly, here are your keys, some pokéballs and berries. ", said the lady, giving the mentioned items to Iny. "If you are going outside the dorms, you should always lock your door and give me the key and show me your card, so I can save the key for you so you won't lost it", explained the lady."Oh! I almost forgot. Here is your school schedule", said the lady, giving the schedule to Iny.
    "Thanks miss!" I say as I'm putting on my coat.

    "Let's see here" I say muttering to myself "I assume the card get tied on like this... Yeah that's fine, I can put these Poke-balls and berries with the stuff I brought with me, I might need a larger case however, and the schedule will be fine in my purse, As will the map. I should probably look into buying a compass while in town too..."

    "Is it fine if I keep the key on me Ma'am?" I ask speaking up. "I have a Lanyard I keep attacked to a belt loop so I shouldn't lose it."
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