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    Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit had stayed around the edge of the boat with Lapras. Hopefully right now they would be helping Kyogre recover. I really felt sorry for it.

    "Are you three coming" Maxie called out to us. We quickly scurried behind him. There was one thing for sure, we had to find Shaymin, and following Maxie was our best bet. We followed him into a room near the top of the ship. There inside he sat down on a big arm chair. Around him stood about ten Magma grunts. We quickly got in line and acted out the scene. I looked over at Omega, who was standing opposite me, across the room. He was usind his head and eyes to point to something. I looked in the direction that Omega was looking. There in a cage hanging from the high ceiling, was Shaymin. I went to tell Torrent, who was standing next to me and hadn't noticed yet. But as i was going to tell him Maxie noticed me moving. He stood up out of his chair as slowly walked over to me. He was standing just a meter in front of me. He spoke "That's a nice Chimchar you have there, it looks a little week though dont you think, we must get you a stronger Pokemon. You Grunt" he pointed at one of the grunts that was standing in the line " Take this Chimchar to the cell". Maxie grabbed Chimchar off my shoulder and threw him at the grunt. At that moment I saw Chimchar scratching and trying to escape the big grunt's arms. A tear left my eye, I wasn't about to loose my best friend in the whole wide world. I Screamed "No"...

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