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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Nay, I say. None y'all get it.

    It's a very good game to hack - the only difference is, is that there's a randomized dungeon.

    It's in no way like Minecraft. It's a deep story, has cool graphics, and is very fun to play, at least in my experience.

    That's the problem, though. Everyone just thinks "oh f that it's just minecraft with Pokémon", and thus, we never make any progress on it.

    It's sad ;;
    >just like minecraft

    why is anything with random generation like minecraft these days...anyway.

    No, this is not great to hack. Simply because the gameplay is generic/trivial when the main draw is the plot. Dungeon trawlers are not hard to make, good plot IS. (likewise with the main pokemon line but inverted, I would split hairs trying to balance that crap meanwhile it's plot ain't all that great.)

    Think of it like this, without the dungeon trawling, what exactly is lost from the game...
    Nothing really, because it plays out like a picture book.
    Whereas with the main pokemon line, taking out the battling just makes it a moot point. Thus you see people trying to unmoot this point as well as expanding into it's gameplay. Or you know, hacks. Dohohoho.

    Look, just go google 'pokemon rougelike' or 'pokemon dungeon trawler' with your advanced search to filter out the word mystery.

    have fun~

    Also make your own. go git yo programun finguhs awn.