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Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
All gamefreak has to do is make a grass type with the ability drought and have it learn solarbeam, give it high sweeping stats (SpAtk and Spd) and there you have it! A kickass grass type worth using competitively!

The bug types in the last gen (gen 5) had a huge upgrade from previous gens. No bugs at weedle and parasect's level, but on scizor and heracross's level. All of them (excluding Leavanny) were kickass, such as: Accelgor, Escavalier, Scolipede, Galvantula, Crustle, and ofcourse Volcarona - the king of the bugs. They definitely don't need an upgrade

I don't believe that we need more ghosts, I think they are meant to be the kind of pokemon that are uncommon and strange - but powerful.

Poison types should have an upgrade in gen 6 just like they did with bugs in gen 5, in my opinion at least.
But ghosts also represent our fears, in a way... and really, we can't hide from our fears. They aren't really uncommon, and they are powerful, so I feel like balancing them up would actually make sense, because conquering fears matters etc.

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